08 Reasons: Why Keyshot is the Best Rendering Software?

Rendering is a major part of a 3D designer. The quality f the final output depends on the rendering process. Some rendering process takes many times. But keyshot users do not spend much. Below are the reasons why KeyShot is the best rendering software you should know.

Keyshot is the most user-friendly and actionable rendering software. It is with live synchronization, libraries, unlimited rendering time, GOU/CPU rendering, high-quality materials, smooth camera controls, and unlimited resolutions with many more.

If you are going to use Keyshot for your rendering purpose it is a great idea as a newbie. Here are the factors and features in the KeyShot. Keep reading until the end.

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01. GPU and CPU rendering

Renderings are mainly based on GPU or CPU renderings. Most rendering engines work well in GPU. but the key shot is well performed on the CPU also. It is a great opportunity to beginners to start rendering in KeyShot. Another mind-blowing thing is you can change the rendering with GPU or CPU. According to your preference, you can do rendering with a CPU or GPU.

GPU is highly supported with NVIDIA RTX graphic cards

02. Physical Lighting

Rendering is an attraction process. There are two main renderings. Physical rendering and standard renderings are them. Standard renderings will not provide the best quality and shadow of the product. But in physical rendering, you can have the best quality rendering images.

For the physical rendering, we need a special light system with different sharpness. There are point lights, IES lights, spotlights are available here. Hence users can have the best physical experience.

03. HDRI Lighting

HDRI is very useful for the rendering process. HDRI is an image of the studio or environment with luminance. Keyshot is with a library of HDRI setups. In this case, you no need to use lightings for the renderings. HDRI can do the lighting process.

04. Accurate Material

Material quality is the major part of rendering. If you are unable to create material and its quality total object can be useless. Therefore key shot is with a huge library of the real material. If it is not useful to you, you can get it online. And it that is not compatible with you, you can build your own material.

05. Denoise

If you are a product render you may know the effect of the denoise. Denoising is important in some ways. But it can reduce the quality of the image. There is a Denoise option in Keyshot. You can increase or decrease as you need. The least denoise is 1 and the maximum denoise is “0”

06. Libraries

The library is the main feature in every rendering software. The library consists of many materials, templates, HDRI, and many more. You can see over 700+ material presets from architectural, and access to textures for bump, color, displacement, IES light profiles in Keyshot library. More than 60 high-resolution HDRI environments and enhance your materials by using industry-standard color libraries from Pantone and RAL.

07. 3D Model Library

3D designers need to create all parts of the object. If he can fully download the models online what a great opportunity. If you are KeyShot user you can access pre 3d models with context and detail to your scene quickly using a wide variety of models.

08. KeyShot Cloud

You can search and share assets with KeyShot cloud. There are many HDRIs, templates, materials, and examples seen in the cloud. When you buy the KeyShot you can use it.

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