20 Best 3D Animation Apps for Android: [With Ratings]

Making animations using Android Apps is a mobile-friendly usage. Android is a major mobile platform in the world and it uses 2 billion active users per month. Making an animation using android apps is widely spread. Among 2 million apps you can be unable to find the best android app for animation, This guide helps you to find the best app that exists on the apps store.

We can find the best 3D animation apps for android using downloads and ratings.

App nameNo of RatingsRatings Out of 05
Draw Cartoons 23100194.5
Animate Free1234953.6
Stop Motion Studio1063793.9
Stick Nodes626464.1
Picsart Animator459933.7
Plotagon Story284274
3D Engineering Animation124664.3
Mozaik 3D100764.3
Animation Desk94613.8
GIF Mob81013.9
Jerky Motion50973.4
Animate Me29083.7
Animation android apps downloads and ratings

Considering these numbers can you imagine how many people use this? It is amazing. More than you expect.

We should pay attention more to downloads and ratings. We should know the content of the app and check whether it is really important to our work. What is the app you are looking for? So there are things you must know before you install it. App contents are summarized and mentioned below.

Animation apps for Android
Best Animation Apps for Android Source: KungFu Panda

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The FlifaClip is one of the free 3D animation apps for android that can make frame-by-frame fun and easy. You can create a cartoon make a movie animation and design unique things that you need and you can share it with your community. You can directly share it on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

You will not need a specified knowledge for this and with a piece of basic knowledge, you can do all. You can work like a pro with photo animation and frame-by-frame animation, draw pictures and turn them into animated gifs, or draw over videos to create a rotoscope video.

And you can win prizes by participating in the FlipaClip challenges. So this is a great and simple app with many features available in both iOS and Android. Animation layers with 3 layers free and Video animation tool with animation timeline, Audio use, Animate photo and videos sharing with the community. You had better use the app for more features.

Draw Cartoons 2

The Draw Cartoons 2 is another most downloaded app. You can check it with the Google app store. Making cartoons are really complex task. It is with many layers as well as many images also. But in Draw Cartoons 2 you can get that experience with simple steps. The app is well developed for the cartoon and animation with your character drawings.

There are features like animations with keyframes, a library of characters, character construction, and a voice-over with many features. You can use see some features are locked due to purchasing. You should try this kind of android app for animation.

Animate Free

The Animate Free is another free 3D animation app for android. So you can animate a simplified figure of a man that has the necessary minimum for quick posing. The controlling is simple with your touch screen with various angles of the camera.

You can use more than 3 characters and this is really useful to professional animators and students, game developers, storyboard artists, and all fans of animation. You can save the animations and share them with your friends. There are so many features like skin selection of the characters, Props selection, character selection, land and building selection, and many more.

Stop Motion Studio

This is another animation app for android. Stop Motion Studio is with many advanced features, and it is really useful to the users. The app is user-friendly and easy to use for your kids also. There is a simplistic, easy-to-use interface that provides you a real user experience. And also you can edit frames with cut, copy, and paste. You will not be lost your timeline until you have hundreds of frames

You can create a beautiful movie using the characters. You can change the background and characters also. You can add sound clips with editing and you can add a keyboard if you need to quickly edit the movie that you produce. It amazing!

Stick Nodes

The Stick Nodes is a powerful stickman animator app created for android users. If you are one of the members of the stickman community this app is 100% a match for your need. You can create your own stickman and animate it as GIF as MP4 videos also.

There are so many features like 30000+ library of the stickman’s, apply filters, Export to GIF, Save/open/share your projects, large community support, available with 8 languages, with large social media community and many more.

PicsArt Animator

The Picsart Animator is an animation creator and cartoon maker to simple use and delivers maximum functionality to the user. So you can make cartoons, movies, GIFs, and funny doodles in a few seconds by using this.

The most amazing thing is the whole app is totally free and with free ads. There are many features like animated stickers and customized movement, drawing frame by frame animations, using an animation timeline to scroll through frames, duplicate, insert, delete frames, draw on your photos and make animations, draw advanced drawing and sketching and record sound and voiceovers. More than this their many features. You can try it today!


The Toonstctic is a powerful and successful way to explain your idea through cartoons or animation to the user. You can use your voice-over and create interstellar adventures, breaking news reports, video game designs, family photo albums, or anything else you might imagine! The app is with the 2017 BolognaRagazzi Digital Award for ‘Best Kids App of the Year’


  • Library support
  • 3D drawing tools
  • Phots and custom colored characters
  • Mix the soundtracks
  • Export videos
  • Share with friends


The StickDraw is another animation app for the android platform. You can easily draw characters with your fingertips in few minutes. If you are love to animate stick figures this is the app you should use.


  • Export GIF and MP4
  • Copy & paste
  • Background changing
  • Share the animations
  • Multiple graphics


For stick figure lovers, Stickman is one of the 3D animation apps for android. So you can easily create and optimize. With an animation stickman, you can be an animation maker, draw like an animator, story creator app. An easy & fun animation app: draw your own cartoon, make a funny or epic story. You can create a few frames and add detail to that and animate your stickman like in anime films and movies!


  • Animate games
  • Create cartoon stories
  • Animation in a flipbook maker
  • Flip book making: funny character doodling & epic animation
  • Cartoon drawing
  • Animate your films
  • Character creation
  • Doodle creation

Plotagon Story

You can create your own actors and write stories and press plays. Plotagon is a free 3D animation app that makes your story live. You can express your ideas to others in a smart way. There is a really attractive character. You can use them in your animation process and you can use your own voice for the animation. For more social engagement you can share it to Youtube.

Considering 3D modeling and rendering apps for android many people use animation apps. The reason is everyone likes to see moving characters. When you are free you can save your time by doing this kind of thing in a useful manner. More than everything I wonder many people are engaged with the 3D animation apps in android. This kind of application is built as much as user friendly. Many applications are with more thane 1 million downloads. So it is an excellent approach that newbies can do things successfully.

MJOC – Make Joke Of Creator

Do you like to make funny 3D animations with your android phone? MJOC (Make Joke of Creator) is the app you have been finding. So You can add character & location and create videos. Then you can upload to Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more. You can customize the characters and use any location in the app.


  • Character adding
  • Add location
  • Custom character
  • Video recording
  • Change the mood of characters
  • Social shares


The Animemaker is like a Flipbook. So you need to draw your characters on the related screen (frame) and more frames have more clear and more long video. There is a community with the Animemaker and you can communicate with those users with comments. You can do animations with many features.


  • Draw with touch
  • Undo, Eraser, Fill color
  • Adjust speed, brush color
  • Adding, removing, copying
  • Sharing to social medias etc.


Most of the untold stories can be expressed with Tweencraft. It is one of the 3D animation apps for android with 3.8 ratings out of 5.0. So you will not need to draw characters just need to make animation using characters given in the tween craft. This is a 2D animation app for making cartoon movies. If you have your own script you can make the animation easily. Here are many features.


  • Use your own voice with cartoony
  • Upload your own images and GIFs
  • Use comic bubbles provided in app.
  • Change expression, zoom pan, change speed
  • Social shares

3D Engineering Animation

If you are a mechanically related guy, 3D Engineering Animation is strong helps you. There are pre-made models with animations. So you just need to download and watch it. You can zoom, rotate, pan the objects. And also you can hide parts in the object and see how the parts are working.

Below is the feature in the 3D Engineering Animation. The app support 6 languages

 V6 EngineArduinoPlanetary GearboxWind Turbine 
Car Suspension Pneumatic GripperWatt GovernorAirbus
Car SteeringStop Valve Differential SystemPlanetary Gearbox
Gear TransmissionRadial EngineClutch Pad Lathe
3D Engineering Animation objects


The Mozaik 3D is an educational app. You can install this app and see more than 1200 education objects through Mozaik3D. The is with many languages. And also premium subscriptions allow you, unlimited models, to access. And also many scenes are pre-animated and just you need to see. As a student, this is really good for observing the mechanical and other objects digitally. And also it is with games and animations and quizzes. Once you install you will love the app.


The GIF Mob is a stop motion to GIF and MP4 animation. You can take photos using your camera and export it to the app and then create GiFs as you need. There is an easy user interface and create stop motion animated GIF and video with unlimited pictures.

If you can draw a character’s animation step by step and then import it all to the app and try to make GIFs or videos.

Creative Movie Maker for Kids

The Creative Movie Maker for Kids is with cool content for the kids. You can choose the background characters and music to shoot your own movie. There are effects that can be used for your movies. You can see intuitive navigation, Dynamic special effects, Over 30 characters to use, and the possibility to export and share movies with friends on social media.

You can provide the best animation experience for your kids and use some ways to learn them very well. There are cute and attractive models you can see.

Jerky Motion

The Jerky Motion is to learn about the 3D animation process. This is with basic steps. You can learn how time and space work together to create motion and see what you can create with its characters. Spice up your animation with music or audio recordings and add some video effects like color grading, lens flares, and motion blur and you’ll have your Hollywood blockbuster in no time. Sue Jerky motions and makes awesome.


The Animatic is a Flipboard animation app for android. You can draw frames each by using pencils, brushes, and color them with inks, and then use those images for the animation process. You can change the speed of the animation and then share social media also.

Actually, this kind of 3D animation apps for android are very useful if you are a professional user of line drawings or drawings. So each and every step should be drawn and then we need to animate it using the app.


The Toonhive animation maker can use to create the animate the figure as well as stickman also. The animation part comes with a complete toolset for making frame-by-frame 2D cartoon animations, plus new tools that will blow your mind. You can complete the audio recording with your voice and change your voice as it needs for the cartoon. It can be set to the real cartoon voice.

Using the Toonhive you can add sound effects FX to your animation. You can develop your animation creativity with Toonhive

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