3D Modeling Jobs: 08 Jobs You Can Start Today at Home

The 3D modeling job is very interesting. There are many ways to start 3D modeling. You can select any category related to 3D modeling. Below is the 3D modeling 08 jobs and those tasks are different from each other. According to your interest, you can select one of these 08 jobs

And you can find a way to increase your monthly income by using these opportunities. Let’s check it out,

Is It Worthy to Do 3D Modeling Jobs?

Being a 3D designer is really interesting. You can earn money by using your creativity. Hence make sure you have a good eye and a good understanding of anything will make you a good 3D designer every time.

Read my story.!

Here we can discuss whether getting used to 3D Modeling is really worth it. Please read my story. So you can get an idea for the job.

Sometimes you love this kind of work and it is your passion for doing 3D designs. Or you may be a person that you don’t have mind what to do?

Then you are going to engage with this. But any way you must remember you should love what you do.  Else it will be boring.

Personally, I got used to 3D modeling as a solution for my monthly income. So I solved it. That was not too hard for me. But it took a lot of time to earn a high amount.

First, let’s see my point of view. I was a university student who studied Civil engineering and I wanted to use Autocad (A pretty much 2D and 3D software). So the beginning of 1st semester I was a professional who uses it. Now I am also a proficient user of AutoCAD.

It is more than 5 years, Now I can remember everything. So after that, I moved to product and packaging design.

So I used Cinema 4D.  And After that, I worked on construction projects then I had to move to Revit. Lumion key-shot etc. So these are the 3D modeling software that I used.

This is the road map of myself.

Now, what can you extract from this? You must decide what you need to do. Then you had better select one software if that cant is fulfilled your requirements move another one. It is simple. But time will take.

When you are in the field you can find many job opportunities.

Research Parameters for the 3D Modeling Jobs Opportunities that I Used,

  1. Sufficient computer facility
  2. Love for the work
  3. Wide visualization
  4. Clear knowledge about color
  5. Accuracy assumptions
  6. Clear knowledge about the scales

These parameters are very important for 3D designers. Because anyone needs to do 3D modeling jobs he needs these facts to do the job successfully.

Let’s consider one by one,

All 3d software has many capacities. Hence it needs a proper Computer with much RAM and more processing power of the computer.

Better you start please make sure you can spend money on this. At least Core i7 with 16 GB of RAM and 2  GB dedicated video card can do a smart work

Hence make sure before starting this you have the right things. Else you have to wait much time when you use Rendering software.

Love for the work is another one. You cant get used it without desiring it. The reason is the getting use of 3D software will take 2-3 months. In this period you have to hang on.

Wide visualizing means you should have a better understanding of the object.

You must know about all Colors. And you are not a color-blind person. It will lead to output a realistic rendering. Please check it here

Accuracy assumption is very important by using 2 – 3 images you should be able to make in 3D.

And you must have a clear knowledge of The scales. And should have better knowledge about real environmental objects.

The best 3D projects that I have ever seen

What are the best 3D Modeling Jobs?

01.3D Designer

We can name 3D designers for all 3D modeling users. There are 4 main parts. We can categorize each one into the below groups.

01. Object and product design
02. Sculpting design
03. Mechanical design
04. 3D house plan

The salary of the 3D modeling jobs depends on the complexity of the project. I personally suggest you do freelancing. If it is highly complex and needs to spend much time there you can charge high. Here I focus on freelancers.

You can be a freelancer on Fiverr.com or Upwork.com etc. There are so many opportunities for 3D designers. In Upwork, if you are a skilled designer you can charge 50$/hour. Check here

02.3D Artist

This is a common job like a 3D designer. But many of them are not do it as a job. They do this for social media etc. Artists can model and render models nicely. Hence this is a very good job for beginners.

03.3D visualizer

3D visualizer job is animation and rendering. He can show the real, photorealistic rendering to the client. Mainly product and package design are related to this field. It includes animation too.

04.3D Renderer

This is pretty much a job with high system requirements. The reason is rendering takes much time and needs to add much effort to the design process. Here the main factor is rendering 3D models. You can check The Best free 3D rendering software.

There are many 3D file types. We must select a rendering software that can import every file type. Before you start this please pay attention to this matter.


By creating cartoons and animated advertisements we can find this kind of job opportunity. Whatever you select you to need high-end output. You will need a 3D model before you do animation.

For making about cartoon character you must know about sculpting. By using brushes. You can make each character as you need in sculpting software. This facility has been included a lot of software.

06.Product Designer/ Package Designer

This is a very interesting job. There are many advertising companies that need to hire you. The reason is taking photography is not a better solution at all. Because taking photography, there will be reflections and shadows that can not reduce. Or an unexpected environmental situation. As well as it is a high cost. Therefore 3D modeling jobs are there. We can easily find it.

For this 3D designer is very useful. The reason is using 3D software we can control everything.

Because product design and package design have many job opportunities

07.Architectural Designer

This is related to the architectural job. There are both interior and exterior designers. That can create real images of the house or any construction. Just you need to make a model and do render.

08.VFX and CGI artist

Now you may see what is this? Here I needed to tell you that if you are at the professor level of these you can study this. Because all 3D models and characters are used here. Now you can make models and characters just need to get use new software for VFX for CGI

Conclusion for the 3D Modeling Jobs

Finally, I need to mention to you none of these are easy and get used within one day. After finding 3D modeling jobs you have to be patient more until you earn more. What do you think about this? Do you think the existing job is greater than this.? Opening for the discussion.

Ricky Louis

Hey.. I am Ricky Louis, A professional graphic designer with years of experience in 3D modeling. I would like to share my knowledge with you.

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