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3D modeling Tips and Tricks are very useful for the 3D designer. Using my experience I can guide you to be a successful designer. Here all tips are gained from the experience that I have got. You can trust and follow these tips and well practice those for your 3D modeling career.

I am Ricky from Thecadjournal.com, Let’s consider these tips and tricks each by each. I will mention some examples for each with my experience. Here before you start 3D modeling. I hope this will be very important and interesting when you are going to work.

Always Make the Model with the Right Scale.

In 3D modeling, scaling is very important. You can do 3D modeling using the mobile app as well as using a PC. Anyway, you must work with real scales like Millimeters, Meters, Inch, Feet, and many more. You had better know what is scale you are working on. The reason is when you are going to render or 3D printing it is really important. In the rendering, you can use light power with Luminosity. So those are in standard SI units. If you are not on the proper scale it will be a huge problem.

When you are not on the scale you cant create some parts. Because the least count of the viewpoint is different. You cant create parts less than the least count. So you need to move to another scale if you need to continue.

Another reason is when you are going to render it with background images it will be abnormal. So pay attention to the scale of the project that you do.

Use the Reference Image as Much as Possible

Reference images are very important for 3D modeling. If you are going to create a 3D model without dimension the reference image is very important. Because we can directly upload to the software and create our model on it.

So use a reference image as much as possible you can. There are two types of reference images.

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3D modeling tricks for reference image
Two types of reference images

01. Accurate Images
These are proper drawings from any designer. It consists of each side like front back side top etc. As well as the section is also available if it is a house plan. This can directly add to the viewports of the software and add proper scale and make the model that you need.

02. Inaccurate Image
In conscious, images are any view of the model. Sometimes it is with a more focal length image. So this is not suitable for the 3D user if you are a beginner. When you become a pro you will be able to use that kind of image as you need.

Work with Low Polygons

This is all about the polygons that you are going to model. As a beginner, you may think that you must show each part of the model and then create each part with many NURBS adding steps. Finally, you will have a complex model. That is very difficult to use and handle.

Always do the 3D modeling with low polygons. There is an advantage here. If you need to change the model any time at any place you can change it by using few points. if you made it complexity you will need more time and effort to do this. That will not stuck your PC.

Think Wisely Don’t Work Hard

You must be intelligent to use 3D modeling Tips and Tricks in working as you need. Nowadays many software are available with so many options with using a few clicks you can change your entire model. So please pay attention when you working with these.

As an example, you can use the symmetric option when you sculpt the human. Because human is symmetric. So you can take that chance. You can save time and work like a pro. There are many options like this in every software. Please try to find them. You will be amazing. And drop some in the comment section if you know much.

Always Keep the Self-Model Library

If you have 4-5 experience in 3D modeling you may have many more models that you have done before. Actually are they useful? I think probably yes. The reason is if anyone is going to work with you and he is also going to give you to make a 3D model which it is very similar to your old project. So what do you have to do next if you have the old model?

Probably you will use that and save time. So better save everything that you do in the present. And name those with relevant names that you like. If there is furniture models you can name it like that.

Download free Models and Save Your Time

This is directly about your time-saving. You must save time with 3D modeling. Do not spend much time creating one model. when you have a project please search on the web. And check if there are any similar models that you need. Sometimes you can download free 3D models.

When you download these pay your attention to the include file types. Sometimes it may be not matched your software. Many files are with .stl, .obj, .dae etc. Those are difficult to edit. Check the include things of the file type.

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Always Save the Working File

3D software often comes in big sizes, It requires more size to work from the RAM. Sometimes it can be crashed when your workload is more. You will have a message of “Not Responding” So your entire project can be lost if you don’t save it. Please check whether you can set up the software for autosave. So if you can do it you are lucky.

Most of the time when the animation is creating, the software is stuck. So you need to restart it. So please save your files as much as possible you can.

Use Textures as Much as Possible

Have you ever played a video game I think probably “yes”? Did you notice the models of the game? How is it? Is it created with every tiny part of the objects? I guess no. Those are not perfect modeling. Everything is done with textures. In the “Pubg” game some trees sections are octagon. It is not the circle.

In 3D modeling, you can produce fewer size files with low polygons. To show the 3D of the objects you can render it with a bump, displacements, and lighting. Actually, you do not need to create every tiny part of the model. Just prepare something that will produce the shadow. Then apply the textures as you need.

3D modeling Tips bonus

Use Quick Rendering Methods

Rendering is a major thing to show your product or output. There are many free 3D rendering software you can download and use. So how to prepare an eye-catching 3D model with lighting. My suggestion is to do renders with low lightings. If there is too many lights it will take much time to lightmap.

As well as use HDR files for your renderings. It is any way to light a model in a second. You do not need to up light as a studio. HDR is a file with 360 panorama images. When you add to your sky of the software it will be the environment view of the model. By handling its component you can do a quick rendering. This is a simple explanation. Better subscribe to more HDR packs.

Work in Low Light Condition

This is totally about your health. Did you ever think to protect your eyes from your monitor? I think most probably “no” The reason is nobody takes action when it affects. So Pay your attention to the eye caring. There are many cooling glasses as well as there is software called Flux it will reduce the blue color of the monitor. And also in the Asus Splined Technology.

So Better to use one of the below. As well as please select the dark color interface for your 3D software. We have to stay much time in front of the monitor. From the blue light, our eyes can be damaged. Hence work in the light environment rather than your monitor brightness. Then too much light will not enter the eye.

Conclusion of the 3D modeling Tips

I suggested The Best 10 3D Modeling Tips and Tricks for you. Those are really important for the 3D designer. You can save your time mostly as well as healthiness. Some facts can be effected you differently. But overall instructions are very important for your future career.

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