3D Printing Sustainability: Is It Worth?

3D printing is widely used all over the world domestically and industrially. So this provides huge advantages for the model printing and checks it before use. So it is a great solution for saving material, time, and money. In fact, it is a sustainability process. So let’s see how this is drastically to engage with the industry in various ways without harming the environmentally and socially.

3D printing is a really sustainable process for the environment, economy, and society. Creating the model will save material, money, labor, time, and power rather than conventional model-making methods. Low power consumes 3D printers; recycled, biodegradable filaments will increase the 3d printing sustainability.

We can sustainably use 3D printing. For that, we have to use suitable filaments, 3D printers, and power wisely. So let’s see in detail about 3D printing sustainability.

What is Sustainability?

Before we move to 3d printing sustainability, we should know the meaning of sustainability.

Sustainable is added to the vocabulary when environmental, social, and economic problems arise due to many reasons. Man used the environmental resources with no limits. Therefore all renewable resources are finishing due to high consumption.

Sustainability is a combination of environmental, economic, and social processes to protect all resources and use them with maximum usage.

Environmental Sustainability
The environmental system is kept in balance with maintain the ecological integrity and consume the environmental resources by humans as they can replenish themselves.

Economic Sustainability
Human communities across the globe are able to maintain their independence and have access to the resources that they require, financial and other, to meet their needs.

Social Sustainability
Universal human rights and basic necessities are attainable by all people to access enough resources in order to keep their families and communities healthy and safe.

These are the interpretation of sustainability. When we remember the name sustainability, we suddenly remember the environmental only. But there are 3 categories to be attention. So let’s see how 3D printing is engaged with all these in detail.

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How 3D Printing Helps for Sustainability?

3D printing waste

3D printing is a sustainable process. So let us consider one by one how 3D printing is a sustainable process.

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Material Saving

3D printing is the process of making the 3d model using filament and 3D printers. Normally we use a CNC machine, Laser cutter, injection molding, traditional manufacturing, or any other conventional machine to produce the real object. Most of the time, the designed model needs to change due to many problems when we use these methods. All these problems can solve with 3D printing.

We can print a model quickly and low cost. Then we can check it for the real situations and see the compatibility of the real product. It can save product material, time, power, and money. Many pieces of jewelry, mechanical parts, molds are made using 3D printing, which is really sustainable manner.

Use Optional Materials

Normally we are used to using polythene and plastic for our day-to-day lifestyle. Are they essential for us? Mostly yes. But producing those will cause too many toxic gases, more waste, more power-consuming processes. But if you use a simple 3D printed object instead of a mass-produced object, we can save all the above resources.


When we need a model, we have to use a CNC machine or any conventional method such as molding, etc. But those are not more accurate (not CNC). So we have to pay more for the model-making process. But using the 3D printer, we can create any kind of 3D model in our home, which is a great sustainable opportunity.

Power Saving

3D printing is an amazing power-saving method. Some 3d printers consumed 80W. This is really very good for the small types of projects. And it will cost less than 0.03$ for the electricity. Some 3D printers are more than this, but considering the other methods, these are real solutions in 3D model making.

Environmental Friendly Filaments

3D print food

Filaments are the printing material in the 3D printer. When the filament is not biodegradable, the waste is also not environmentally friendly. So in 3D printing, there is a real solution for this.

The PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) is a biodegradable filament material. PLA is derived from corn, and it is the best biodegradable thermoplastic that is derived from renewable resources. As a result, PLA materials are more environmentally friendly than other plastic materials. The other great feature of PLA is its biocompatibility with the human body.

3D Printing Waste Recycling

This is an amazing sustainable feature is recycling. When we 3d print a model, we have to do it repeatedly until it produces the best one because there can be some problems when we print the models. Sometimes there can be 3D printing problems. So until the quality 3D printing process, we have to redo. So waste is generated. And sloe we have to remove the supports of the model in the post-production process. These are the wastage of the filaments.

Due to these factors, waste is generated high amount. So you can recycle them. ABS and PLA are not recycled. So do not store them for recycling. You can recycle PETG and PETE, PP with the municipalities. So don’t miss it.

When you buy materials don’t forget to buy the recycled materials. So it is a great contribution for the sustainabilty.

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High Power Efficiency

3D printers are highly efficient. It has been optimized for the lowest power consumption and high efficiency. Some materials do not need a heated bed, which is essential for some filaments. And also power motors, are also highly efficient. The heat is transferred to the nozzle in a proper manner. Nozzle clogging, over melting cant see new 3D printers.

These factors are directly affecting the 3D printing sustainabilities. So when you use a 3D printer, make sure how much extent you have to enroll the sustainable printing.

Is Sustainable 3D Printing Worth It?

Sustainable 3D printing is really worth it because it can save material, cost, time, and money. When we consider the regular model-making methods, those required more power, labor, materials, and time. But 3D printing is not like the. It can be placed in the room and start 3D printing in seconds using the 3D model.

When we need to create a testing model, we can use 3D printing before manufacturing it. Then we can have the user experience and do the changed if needed and then manufacture.

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