Is 3D Modeling Easier than Drawing?

3D modeling and drawings are widely used things in the product, package designs. Making a 3D model can be easier than drawing but there are facts you should know. You can check the pros and cons of these two.

Is 3D modeling easier than Drawing? In the real scenario, 3d modeling is easier than drawing by considering these things such as production, editing, coloring, lighting, time spending, quality, and angle images. There are both pros and cons but overall 3D modeling is better than drawing.

After considering all the above I have lined up all in detail below. So keep reading on until the end. I will describe all by using this image. So you can understand it very well.

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01. Production

Resource image for proposed 3D model

Considering the overall production, 3D modeling needs 3D modeling software and drawing need Photoshop or any other desired software.

Finally, we will need an image or video of the given image. So making the model is the most important thing. Considering the above image you can understand it is easier to make a model better than drawing and coloring. It will take a lot of time with much effort. But the final quality will not be achieved in the drawing.

If the given angle is the requirement; drawing can be easy for the professional designer than 3D modeling. But highly it depends on the requirement.

02. Shape Editing

After you finish the work and then if there is any editing or modification which is the best? There is no doubt 3d modeling is easier to change the shape. The reason is it is with NURBS or Solid. Hence changing the shape is pretty easier than drawing. But in the drawing, this is not easy. you will need to change that area in every output image that you send to the client.

So for quick and easy editing use 3d modeling.

03. Add Coloring

Color adding and rendering is the final step of the image preparation. So what is the best way to do this? Consider a material there are bump, diffusion, opacity, transparency, and many more. So only using drawing can it be created? Because some refractions are not able to predict. As well as material behavior can be changed according to the lighting process. So only using drawing is not a successful way.

Another thing is material and color changing. With just one click you can change it in 3D modeling. But in the drawing can it happen? It is very difficult to work. So better use the 3D model for color adding as well as color editing.

04. Lightings

For the realistic output, proper coloring is very important. You may see the result of lighting in shadows, reflections, refraction, and many more. When you do this with drawings you will need to draw the rays of the lightings and according to it shadows it should be planned. This task will take more time. I suggest you reduce the time by doing this with 3D modeling.

In 3D modeling, you can adjust it by changing the light source and its position. According to the lighting, shadows will be automatically fixed. So for the above toy lighting is very easy with 3D modeling.

05. Time

Time is the main thing of the designer. If the designer can save more time he can do more works. So engaging these kinds of work withdrawing is time-wasting. You may take one day to make the whole object in 3D. But in the drawing will take few days for making few views. For time management use 3D modeling.

06. Angle Images

When considering the angles image of the above toy is very difficult. each angle image needs each design if you do it withdrawing. And also you will need to apply lighting and materials according to the view. But if you just need 3D modeling you just need to turn or orbit the model and then set lighting and render.

The final images will be the real angle of the model because there will be no image with wrong color grading and environmental

07. Output Quality

The drawing images will be like animated images and there is no proper realistic quality. but in 3D modeling, there is very good rendering software like KeyShot that can produce high-quality realistic images.

And another thing is rendering can be done with any sizing and any resolutions. But drawing can be done, when there is enlarge the quality will be reduced. So finally I can hardly push you to get use 3D modeling software for making models in order to save time, money and improve the quality.

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