Is 3D Printing Worth It? Read Before Invest!

3D printing is widely used domestically and industrially. If you are going to engage with these fields, you should study whether it is worth? According to your experience, you can have a clear idea about 3d printing. Before you start it read this article. This really helps you to invest, starting and maintaining 3d printing. So let’s begin.

3D printing is really worth finding solutions using 3D models without creating the actual ones. Many objects, products, toys, characters can be 3D printed easily, and those are in high demand market. 3D printing can earn a high profit when it does as a business and can be used as a hobby for the fun.

Before you start 3D printing, you should know about 3D modeling, drafting, design, sculpting, file types, and many other technical and non-technical important things. Step by step, let me explain all in detail as below.

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How You Can Start 3D Printing as It Worth?

3D printer as a hobby

In the beginning, you should know why you start this. Because without any reason, nothing happens. There are three main reasons you can start 3D printing right now!

As a Career Help

If you are a mechanical engineer, designer, planner, it is really worth having a 3D printer. You can observe the real shape and size of the designs and ideas. So it will definitely be useful for your projects.

As a Hobby

If you have a real interest in 3D modeling, and you need to convert it into a hobby, you should think twice. Because a 3D printer will cost $200-$500 nowadays (domestic budget 3D print). Due to this money investment, you should know whether it is essential for you and whether it is affordable.

People have so many hobbies. Printing 3D parts can be a hobby, but it will need a 3D model, filaments, and time. When you are ready to invest all of these, that is quite right on the right way. If you are using 3D printing as a hobby, you should have time, money to enjoy it. You can use a small size 3d printer for domestic usage. Small projects can be printed using the printer, and you can enjoy them. But when you start a business, this is different.

As a Business

When you start 3D printing as a business, it is really worth it. You can generate income from the business. Because many models are to be created in 3D nowadays for the mechanical, electrical parts as well as funny things such as toys, characters, etc.

If you do a 3D printing, it will cost $7 for material, $0.05 for power, and $10.03 for the labor (these prices can be changed according to region), which is a total of $17.08. So when you buy a 3D printer for your business, it will cost only for the material and power only.

If you are growing the business, you should need to pay for the specialists in the fields for the problems of the printers as well as if need 3D designers. So it is really worth considering the income and expense.

3D printers are best for designers, creators, planners, engineers, and experimentors. If you new to this, you need to change your roll into one of these.

Is 3D Printing Worth for Market Supply and Demand?

3D printing is really worth the market supply and demand. The 3D printing market will be $34.09 billion in 2024. So this kind of market should need high suppliers. The most top 10 companies for 3D printing are established in the later 1990. Those are performing well with billions of worth.

So supply and demand for 3D printing are really worth starting a real business.

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Is it Worth Investing for a 3D Printer?

Investing a 3D printer

After you select your necessary, you may think that it is really good for investing in a 3D printer. That is a good idea. But do you think it is worth? Let’s evaluate this.

If you use the 3D printer as your hobby, a small size one is enough because I think you will no need to print large-scale objects. So before you invest in a 3D printer for the hobby, you can order one or two times from others without spending some money. Sometimes your hobby can be over!. Because one of my friends bought a 3D printer for his hobby, and now it is in the corner of the room with spider nets covering it.

If your hobby is still alive, let’s dive into details.

Next, you are investing in the 3D printer as a business; it is a real investment. And I would say the domestic used 3D printers are not suitable for this. Because domestic using 3D printers have less capacity. Roughly it is about 6″ x 6″ x 9″ bed space. You will not accept more than objects when you use them as a business. You have to invest more for that for more sales.

At least you have to invest $1000-$2000 for the printer in this situation and also a large number of filaments should be stocked.

How to Increase the Worthiness of 3D Printing?

If you start 3D printing as a hobby or business, you can increase its worthiness by doing the below strategies.

Be a 3D Designer

3D designers design the 3d models using 3D modeling software. There are so many 3D modeling software such as Autocad, Maya, 3DMax, Cinema 4D, Solidworks, and many more. Some are free (blender), and some are highly paid. If you start 3D printing, you should make it compatible with the 3D models because you may need to adjust, edit, and scalings. You can do these things easily by yourself without hiring others.

Due to these reasons, you can start 3D at the beginning. It will take few months, but later you are a designer.

Use Online Web Sites

When many need 3D printing, the only problem is the lack of 3D printing. You have to design it by hiring someone online or use a model available online web stores. So when you use these, make sure the available models are compatible with your 3D printer for the printing process.

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Hire a Designer

If you are full of jobs, you can hire a 3D designer from freelancing sites such as or More than that, you can custom design the model as you need for 3D printing.

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Use Sustainable Methods

You can increase worthiness by using sustainable methods, which are really important for the environment, economy, and society. You can use recycled filaments, high-efficiency 3D printers, and biodegradable filaments (PLA) for increasing more worth to your business or hobby.

What You Should Have for 3D Printing?

You should have below things more than having a 3D printer. Imagine you do not have software skills, but you need to start 3D printing. You should have these things.

Genaral computer skills

You should have knowledge of connecting printer and computer, assembling the printer, install drivers (if need). download models, check the file types and files for errors, and many more. These will help you more for the successful printing process.

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When there is a problem with the printer, you should know how to find that with the solutions. Because many do not know event the parts of the 3D printer, you should know the part to find the solutions for the problems online. There are so many websites with related questions and solutions online. So you can troubleshoot yourself by using those.

Mathematical Knowledge

3D printing is dealing with volume, quantity, coding, and axis. 3D printing head is moving to the cartesian points. These points are tracked and operated by the motors. So if there is any problem in the G code, you should have the location of the place, and if there is any calculation related to the volume and quantity, you should be able to.

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