Why My 3D Printer Nozzle has Clogged? – How I Fixed It?

Nozzle clogged 3D printing is a common problem that you can face. So today 3D printing is becoming a domestic production. Many people use 3D printing regularly. It is domestic and industrial equipment. When we use it we can face many problems. Here I also faced few problems. Nozzle clogging is one of them. I could fix it and later I search for more info about it. I could find any information related to that.

The 3D printer nozzle is clogged due to a heat transfer problem. When the filament is no melt to the appropriate temperature it can be melted inside the nozzle. You can fix it by overheating the nozzle and remove the clogged filaments easily.

Using that I can guide you to fix the problem as I did. So trust me you can fix your problem within a second. Here I have mentioned few instruments. If you have them close to your hand you can fix this quickly. So let’s see How to fix this..!

How Do you Know the Nozzle Has Clogged?

3D printing nozzle clog
3D print Nozzle clogged

When you are going to start 3D printing you have to do Basic essential steps. After you prepare the G-code and set up for the 3D printing process you will not see the filament is not extruded. But nozzle move here and there. So there is a problem with the nozzle.

As well as you can see the filament is moving a bit as well as heated nylon is not able to feed into the nozzle. So totally nozzle is jammed. This is the clogging of the nozzle.

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How 3D Printer Nozzle is Clogged?

3D printer nozzle
Image From instructables.com

The clogging is occurred inside of the nozzle. Due to the heat transferring fault it tries to clog.

In a normal situation Solid plastic to push the liquid plastic in the heat zinc area. and also semi-liquid plastic acts as a seal. It prevents the liquid plastic to go up.

But when the heat zinc is weak and more and more heat is produced due to this heat coming from the hot end too high to be evacuated fast enough by the heatsink rises and the melting zone of the plastic is going higher progressively. Due to this semi-liquid plastic got too high then your extruder will be clogged!

Before clog the Nozzle
Image From instructables.com
Nozzle clogged occurred
Image From instructables.com

How to Stop 3D Print Nozzle Clogging?

Asap you observe that filament is clogged and what you should do?

  • At this time the heat sink temperature is increased. So if your 3D printing is covered with a case remove the case or open the door. Let the 3D printer cool down.
  • Check the heat sink fan. whether it works properly and see heat sink is working well. Touch the heat sink from your finger and make sure it is cool. it shouldn’t be hot. it should be cool. So if it is hot keep leave your printer until it cools down. Then again start the printing.
  • And also check the extruder motor whether it is working properly. If it is not working properly it is unable to feed the cable inside the nozzle.
  • And then check whether your filament is with different material. Like ABS and PLA. When we use a different kind of material we may have a different kind of melting points. One material melting point is not higher than the other one lower melting point material will melt early and it will clog.
  • And also this can happen with some filled filament like a wood filled filament. when the particles are different it can clog the nozzle.

These are the factors you should check if the nozzle is clogged. if one has occurred you can check and stop the 3D printing until it continues. When 3D printing is going on by hours this kind of problem can be raised.

So for this, I can suggest you do 3D printing in various temperatures. I meant different temperatures. So it can not arise this kind of problem. let the printer dissipate the heat.

How to Fix the 3D Print Nozzle Clog?

Now you know what is the reason for the 3D print Nozzle clog. So why do you still wait to fix it? There are many ways to fix the nozzle by clogging. The nozzle is metal and it can heat, wash, add chemicals, scratch, and many more. So what are the best option for Fixing the nozzle by clogging?

Here I can mention you few methods to clean the nozzle without removing it.

Common gears for the fixing
01. Needle
02. Filament part
03. Twicer
04. Diagonal cutter
05. Nozzle removing key (if need)

If you are not going to remove the nozzle from the printer you can easily clean the nozzle without any difficulty. These are the basic instruments that we need to remove clogging. before you fix the nozzle you must remove the filament from the nozzle.

As a first step, you should increase heating 25 C0 to your normal printing heat. If you do it with 200 C0 It will be 225 C0. To increase the heat of the hot end. Now you can see filament hot end has more temperature. So the clogged material will be loose with the high temperature.

If your time is not bad you can try to push a part of the filament into the nozzle. Remember to off the heat. If the nozzle is not jammed too much-melted nylon will come out easily.

But if the nozzle is too much jammed you can use the needle to open the nozzle end.

* Never damage the Nozzle edge with a diagonal cutter

How to Prevent 3D Print Clogging in 6 Steps?

Step 01. Wrap the hot end not to pass the heat to the heat sink. You can wrap it with aluminum or any tape that will resist the heat. The main aim is not to pass the heat from the hot end to the heat sink. You can insulate the hot end and heat sink.

Step 02. Apply heat paste when you fix the nozzle and heat sink

Step 03. Try to do 3D print in different hot-end temperatures. Do starting layers at one temperature and then reduce a bit. Let the heat sink to remove the heat and then increase the temperature.

Step 04. Adjust your retraction speed and retraction distance. Sometimes heating up the filament pulling downward highly from the torque motors and it will cause to clog the nozzle end.

Step 05. Use an oiler to oil the filament. lubricate the filament before it melts. It will not harm the printing. Most lubricates will burn in 200C0 So it will not remain the 3D printed object. and it will be easy to move the filament forward(downward). It will not bound the wall of the nozzle.

Step 06. If you can cool the nozzle by Water Cooling it is a great idea. This actually exists. You can check it.

How to Maintain a Good Nozzle?

When you are 3D printing you may occur many problems. Clogging is one of the. But more than that we may face problems. Do you ever think about how to maintain the nozzle properly? You just need to keep the nozzle clean. before you start 3D printing you should clean the nozzle.

And do not make any scratch mark inside it. because it will block the filament badly. And also pay attention to the temperature of the sink and hot end in order to prevent clogging. And also you can find many details on how to keep the nozzle in good condition.

So if your problem is fixed Do not forget to share this with your friend.! If the problem is not finished please comment below.

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