Why My 3D Printer Nozzle has Clogged? – How I Fixed It?

3D print nozzle clogged

Nozzle clogged 3D printing is a common problem that you can face. So today 3D printing is becoming a domestic production. Many people use 3D printing regularly. It is domestic and industrial equipment. When we use it we can face many problems. Here I also faced few problems. Nozzle clogging …

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What is 3D Printing? – 11 Facts You Should Know!

What is 3D printing

3D printing is used in different fields. Medicine, automobiles, architecture, space, and many more. The basic functions are similar to all the 3D printers. If there is a difference, because of the technology or functionality. There are many 3d printers like those that can be used in domestic also industrial. …

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How to Start Freelance 3D Modeling Part-Time?

Freelance 3D modeling part-time

It is really interesting that you are looking to start freelance 3D modeling part-time. Whatever problem you have in the current job you have to jump a great step. Sometimes you do not have good knowledge about this topic. But trust me you will be in the right place end …

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10 Best 3D Modeling Tips and Tricks: – Grow Fast!

3D modeling Tips and Tricks

3D modeling Tips and Tricks are very useful for the 3D designer. Using my experience I can guide you to be a successful designer. Here all tips are gained from the experience that I have got. You can trust and follow these tips and well practice those for your 3D …

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Best House Design Apps for Android? No Architectors!

House design apps for android

House Design Apps for Android is a real opportunity for android users. You can spend your time with design your own house or project as you need. No need not much processing capacity and no need for specialized knowledge about it. When you do house designs with android you should …

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21 Best 3D Architecture Software: With Tested Results

3D modeling Software for Architecture

3D architecture software is very useful to make the model of houses. This guide will help beginners who start architecture designs. Software is based on CAD technology and combined with high accuracy and low poly works. Here is all software that we can use for drawing, design, modeling, rendering, and …

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Is Autocad Good for 3D Modeling? Start Here!

Autocad 3D modeling

AutoCAD 3D modeling is a real chance for the beginner. Let me explain my experience. In the beginning, I started it with AutoCAD because I was a civil engineering undergraduate student as well as during that time I worked as a freelancer. AutoCAD 3D modeling is the best way to …

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