What is the Best of Keyshot Vs Adobe Dimension?

KeyShot vs adobe Dimension

In this article, I am going to review the KeyShot Vs Adobe Dimension. I think you well aware of these two rendering software. Actually, both of these are well user-friendly and provide well high-quality output. As a 3D designer, you must know about these. And also if you are going to start a 3D modeling service you also should know about this. I use both, I can tell you which is better for your usage.

According to the user experience, Keyshot is the best one with comparing Adobe dimensions. Considering interface, system requirements, support file types, Support materials, and Output quality of the image, every time Keyshot is much better with considering the Adobe dimension. Both are paid tools. But in the rendering, the output should be quality. Here you can compare Keyshot Vs Adobe Dimension in detail.

We can compare KeyShot Vs Adobe Dimension by considering the below factors.

  1. Price of the software
  2. System Requirments
  3. Supported file types
  4. Supported material types
  5. Interface
  6. User-friendliness
  7. Output quality

1.Pricing of the Software KeyShot Vs Adobe Dimension

This is the main thing that we should think about when we select the rendering software at the beginning. Some software is free But many are paid. What will give you the best output after doing 3D modeling? Considering the price of the software. Here both software is paid. But don’t worry at least you can use a cracked version until you get used to that.

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  • Keyshot Price
    • Keyshot HD – 995$/mo
    • Keyshot Pro – 1995$/mo
    • Keyshot 9 Pro floating – 2995$/mo
    • Keyshot 9 Enterprise – 3995$/mo
    • Keyshot for Student 95

Can you see these two software costs? These offer very high-quality material and cloud rendering services for  Keyshot 9 enterprise  3995$ and Keyshot 9 pro floating 2995$ versions.

But if you are a beginner it is better to use cracked software and later you can buy a new one.

Here is the Adobe Dimension Overview.

02. System Requirements KeyShot Vs Adobe Dimension

Adobe Dimension
64-bit platformWindows 10
2GB RAMIntel Core i5 (2011 or newer), Intel Xeon (2011 or newer), AMD A8 or A10, or AMD Ryzen
2GB Disk Space8 GB of RAM or more
Dual-core CPU1, 2Geforce GTX 770,
Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580 or 6200, or equivalent
OpenGL 2.0 capable system3Intel Iris Graphics 540 or GeForce GT 750M
Intel or AMD 64 bit processor with SSE4.1 or higherOpenGL 3.2 capable system
1024 x 768 resolution or higher1024 x 768 or 1280 x 800 display
Internet connection (to activate product)512 MB of dedicated VRAM
System Requirements for the Software

03. Supported File Types

Adobe Dimension

Only Support OBJ, Autodesk FBX, STL, and Sketchup SKP


3ds Max (.3ds)
ALIAS 2019 and prior (.wire)
AutoCAD (.dwg, .dxf)
CATIA v5-6 (.cgr, .catpart, .catproduct, .catdrawing)
Cinema 4D R20 and prior (.c4d)
Creo 5.0 and prior (.prt, .asm)
Creo View (.pvz, .pvs, .edz, .ed, .c3di, .ol)
Inventor 2019 and prior (.ipt, .iam)
Maya 2018 and prior (.ma, .mb) [2]
NX 12 and prior (.prt)
Onshape [1]
Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2-5 (.prt, .asm)
Revit 2019 and prior (.rvt)
STL (.stl)
ZPR (.zpr)
Rhinoceros 6 and prior (.3dm)
SketchUp 2018 and prior (.skp)
Solid Edge 2019 and prior (.par, .asm, .psm)
SOLIDWORKS 2019 and prior (.prt, .sldprt, .asm, .sldasm)
Acis (.sat)
Alembic (.abc) [3]
3DXML (.3dxml)
Collada (.dae)
FBX (.fbx) [3]
IGES (.igs, .iges)
JT (.jt)
OBJ (.obj)
Parasolid (.x_t)
STEP (.stp, .step)
Supported file types for the KeyShot

03. Supporting Material KeyShot Vs Adobe Dimension

Supporting material is also very important. Here we try to make realistic images. And for that, we need real materials. In the Keyshot they let us access the material library. But in dimensions do not allow free download date materials. This is a major disadvantage fr the dimensions. 

In the adobe dimension, they charge us for the material.

04. Interface

I like the key shot interface. It is more informative. But in the adobe dimension, we can see that kind of thing there. 

We cant see that kind of thing in the adobe dimension.

05. User Friendliness

This is a very much important thing. When we use the software we should know where the things are placed.  And we can adjust those settings as well. Hence we can use the software easily.

Let’s see how this software manages this thing. In kayhsot, there are so many options available of one setting but in the dimension, we can see that. I think it is new software and Soon it will be fixed for the user interface.

considering other options there are so many libraries in both software Adobe dimension supplies more 3D models for their template file but in KeyShot we can’t see that kind of thing but they are things on the online downloading service.

06. Output

The main thing is out but PC depend on the User experience and visualization if you experience 3D render you can about a good result that you need here I think probably you can take out the best 3D rendering from Keshav that is my personal Idea and you had better use both of these and comment below. 


Finally, we should use the best software for 3D modeling and rendering. Because we should give the best output to our customers. In brief, time is very important. As 3D designers, we have to render much material. So each lightroom is different from each product. hence we should select the software that can easily change the setting according to the product. Hence use wisely.

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