09 CAD Industries – How 3D Modeling is Used?

3D modeling is widely used in many industries. It is a computer-based model-making process and it can be subjected to every physical effect and then its behavior can be studied. Hence it is a great cost reduction and time manging option. So it is used in many industries.

Where 3D modeling is used? 3D modeling is used in Animation and gaming, films, architecture designs, engineering designs, graphic design, medical industry, ship and aviation industry, 3d printing, and automobile industry.

The usage is different and the reason is the same for every industry. The main reason is reducing cost and save time. So below are the mainly used industries nowadays. So keep on reading to grab more!

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01. Film Industry

I think you have watched “Iron Man”, “Star Trek”, “Avatar”, “Avengers” and many more films. Have you ever thought that these films are based on 3D modeling, VFX, and CGI? Of course, it is used abundantly.

Let’s see what is the advantage of this. Imagine creating a destroying scene like in the Iron Man film; Is it easy to create in real life. How much will it cost and how much will be the budget? So the quite easy solution is making models using 3d modeling software such as Cinema 4d. Blender, Maya, 3D Max, Z-brush, etc. Then using VFX and CGI technologies it can be easily handled.

Iron man 2 Costs 200 million USD and Avatar cost 237 million USD even these use 3D modeling, VFX, and CGI.

VFX (Visual effects) – Visual effects are a way of mixing real film shooting with false or animated images.
CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) – Create the animated visual content with computer software. It can be 2D or 3D
Rigging – Animating character using its skeleton hierarchy.

What is the Difference between VFX and CGI?
VFX can be mixed both live and animated scenes together and CGI is used for animated scenes only. VFX is used in post-production which is not able to shoot directly in-camera and CGI is a part of the VFX.

A combination of these two provides an amazingly realistic experience.

Using Green screens, tracking systems are widely used here. Everything is based on 3D models. A 3D model can be tested hundreds of times with repeating. It will not cost much so the best solution is using 3D models and it can be used many times in the film industry.

02. Animation and Gaming

Are you a cartoon lover as well as gaming? So both of these are based on 3D modeling. It can bring you cuteness in the “Kung-Fu Panda” and also warier felling in “Call of Duty”. Both are based on CGI and Rigging.

You can see these do not exist in real life. Those are false and animated characters. So these kinds of character making are called sculpting. You can start sculpting with Autodesk Maya, 3D Max, Z brush, Blender, etc. Those are highly recommended and used for these kinds of projects.

Sculpting includes a high number of polygons because of the more detail in the models. Rigging is used in animation and special gaming engines are used for creating games.

03. Architecture Design

The architecture includes both interior designs and exterior designs. These are based on the 3D model. Here we can create a 3D model using architecture software such as SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD, etc. The model should be created according to the real dimensions. After the process is over you can add colors, textures, and materials. When this is over you can render it. There are two main steps in Architecture design

3D Modeling phase – Prepare the 3D model according to the drawing or blueprint
Rendering phase – Apply the material and prepare the images or videos

If there is a problem in the 3D model whole design can be wrong. So making a 3D model for architecture is most important.

More than that you can apply real material to the model and then check whether it is suitable for the final design. Using lightings systems you can see how it will look after the lightings are fixed even morning sunrise as well as the evening sundown.

Images and videos are the output of any rendering software.

04. Graphic Design

3D modeling is used for preparing 3D mockups in graphic design. many products are basically designed in 2D and then it turns into 3D using 3D software with using its real dimensions. Then the model is rendered under the real environmental conditions. Then it shows how will be the end product after the production is done.

If you this process if you need to change something you can do it without producing the object. And you can observe its real look and size with comparing.

Another most important factor is receiving clear and detailed photos of the product. product photography is a tad bit cost. as well its final images will be with shadows, reflections, and many more. So you will need another effort to remove and edit those. But 3D designed images are not included these things. Designers can adjust all kinds of settings even remove shadows. So a great option is using 3D modeling for product design.

05. Medical Industry

3D model of an eye

Prosthesis – Is adding missing parts of the body such as hands and legs or any other external part. The prosthesis can be created with the 3D modeling software and it can be analyzed and optimize the object according to the user.

Pre-Training – Doctors and surgeons and many other medical officers are used medical models when they are studying beforehand. Those models are made with 3D modeling software. So they can learn the shape and the place of the organs in the body and with the pre-training they can hand the parts without any confusion.

Device and Tool production – Medical section is the most important area in a country. Much medical equipment is specified for each task. Hence producing that kind of tool are really difficult. 3D modeling does a real task for this. After preparing the 3D model and then they can test it with 3D printing. So they can observe the user experience of this.

06. Engineering

In engineering 3D modeling is highly used. Many engineering fields such as civil, mechanical, automobile engineering. Mostly 3D modeling is used for testing simulations. Consider the civil engineering building project. Its consists of beams, columns, slabs, steel bars, and many more. Each area receives different loads. So using a 3D model and analyzing is a common way in the industry.

Experts do this by modeling the whole object and then apply the relevant material and after apply the dead and live loads there. Then start the simulations. So users can see graphically everything. There is buckling of columns, bending of the beams is also observed. if one element is weak whole structure can be collapsed. So without building, you can predict the nature of the construction.

These kinds of software are called BIM software.

07. 3D Printing

Preparing 3D printing can be done in two ways. You can use a 3D model as well as a scanned model. 3D printing is a process of creating models, in reality, using filaments such as PLA, ABS, Nylon, PTEG, ASA, and many more with high-temperature heating.

3D printing is also used for many reasons. Many 3D models are designed with CAD and have realistic with 3D printing. Those are mostly used in casting production.

3D models are turned into 2D coordinates using G-Code. When the 3D model is imported into the software it automatically prepares the layers and G-code where the printer head should move. According to the G-Code data, the printer head is moved and with that filament is come out. Then filament adheres to the previous layer. When all layers are completed, the whole model is 3D printed.

The quality of the 3D printing is depends on the quality of the 3D model.

08. Ship and Aviation

Ship Industry – Ships are the most cargo transport system in the world. It is mainly based on fluid mechanics. So this kind of design should be planned with high accuracy and low costing. As well as the plumbing lines, efficiency propellers, shape of the ship should be designed in the most efficient way.

Preparing 3D models and then testing with the real condition according to the scale is the common way in this field. Beyond that, the infrastructures and plumbing paths and other inter transportation systems should be designed using of 3d modeling. In brief, it is the most helpful way to design ships with 3D modeling.

Aviation Industry – Aviation is the quick transport method. Many passengers are using this for the quicks movements. More than 925.5 million people are using air transport in 2019. Hence this kinds of industry need highly safe things. Most of the airplanes are designed wit using aerodynamics. To test these people need symmetrical objects such as wings and bodies of the planes. So these are made with the use of 3D modeling. And then it is 3D printed and test it

Modern most drones are made with us of the 3D modeling. Preparing a drone is a simple thing because of the 3D modeling and 3D printing.

Use this software for creating and testing – SharkCAD Pro, ADS, Cart3D

09. Automobile Industry

As you are well aware automobile industry is widely using 3d modeling for creating new car models, engine models with including aerodynamics, engine designs, etc. Solidworks, Autocad inventors are a few software in this field. So you also can start by using this software.

Even not only creating models it uses 3D printing also for new designs and shapes. In order to produce maximum efficiency with minimum fuel consumption is the aim of this industry.


Considering all the above fields you can observe, 3d modeling is the key of making new models in CAD. Those models become world genius products later.

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